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One of the daily news that has the most impact on people is the war that is being fought somewhere in the world. In recent years several wars are fought that are not very large, but the news that comes to us from them are atrocious, so much that perhaps they were equated with the demolition of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War and Dresden in World War II. And wars multiply and increase in intensity.

A few years ago, UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan acknowledged that there was officially peace in the world, while in 35 places they lived in violent armed conflicts. Why the proliferation of wars in a modern society in which the human being has ascended to the highest of scientific and technological knowledge? Why is this happening in a world in which borders are gradually being erased?

Technological advances make life easier than ever before. The truth is that all these advances and social achievements have not served to achieve the Peace of peoples. Armed conflicts in the twentieth century produced more deaths than in the whole history of mankind, and now, as the Third Millennium has begun, there is talk of the possible outbreak of a Third World War.
On the other hand, we are witnessing that Religion does not advance with the same speed of technology, and atheism grows especially in youth. In the face of these new generations of soulless people as we are touching in the Middle East, will we follow the same trend of war in the present twenty-first century? Everything does assume that yes, that the wars will continue, and that the casualties will increase due to the manufacture of weapons more and more deadly, that can eliminate thousands of people with a single shot. Wars, then, become global and we run the risk of annihilating ourselves and making certain the Bible’s assertion about the Apocalypse.
But what moves man to make him fight against one another if God created him to love his neighbor? There is not one explanation but several: we are endowed with a feeling heart, a reasoning brain and we are also charged with feelings and emotions. As children prepare us to ambition things, and some ambition more than they deserve, and this is how we prepare political and business leaders with winning mentality. Many times these leaders reach the highest positions in the political hierarchy of a country, and it is they who lead their people to the conquest of goods by means of various methods, not very holy some, reason why they often end up administering a armed conflict.

In the book of Genesis we learn a characteristic of the human being that makes us act impulsively to achieve what we ambition. In many cases it is the devil who pushes us to want more than we have. The story of the devil begins in Heaven when the rebel archangel Lucifer rebels to God and pretends to be more, it is then that the archangel Michael fights the rebel and his followers. Michael who is no other than Jesus Christ expels Lucifer and his demons from Heaven and Lucifer has to go to dwell on the Earth together with his demons.

The Devil on earth, avenge God by convincing Eve to disobey God. Adam and Eve in disobedience are expelled from Paradise, and what we all know happens.
This was the first time that the Devil acts, then he would do it with the descendants of Adam and Eve, inducing them to commit all kinds of ruin because man (and especially woman) has a weak heart, easily succumbs to promises of riches , Power, love, and a thousand of worldly things that exist. Ambition becomes greed, which in turn is the trigger that causes us to take actions without regard to morality, and if we add envy, hate and revenge, we already have a mentality ready to pour poison Against his neighbor. In addition, we know that the man is prepared to fight with his two hands, which when he closes them makes a fist with which he attacks. It has also imbued the instinct of the conservation of the species, and the necessity of the reproduction like all animal. This feature, in turn, creates the need for more space and more wealth, the more you have, the more you want. This is how the world has developed and evolved: through ambition and conquest.

Although God does not like wars, in ancient times, when people’s societies were still villages, God had to use war to achieve certain objectives, one of which was when he confronted Pharaoh to free the Jews from captivity, God overcame Pharaoh (in 1,513 BC – at Easter, Israelites leave Egypt narrated in Exodus) and the Jews went out to the Promised Land. The next war was when God organized the army of Israelites marching through the desert after the Promised Land. God had the Jewish people as those chosen by him to have them as the executing arm. The Jewish army was composed of 12 divisions with a leader in the lead. And God taught them to fight under certain rules like for example and they had to prove that each one does his part or else He would not help them, in other words he said to them “help me that I will help you” Then we see that from that old time, Wars were the ones that changed the world, and today it continues in the middle of the Third Millennium. It is difficult to maintain Peace, but at least we should follow the precepts of God so that these wars, when they exist, are human and not wars of the savages as we are experiencing in the Middle East. Israel itself makes war of conquest as in the case of Palestine, where it has penetrated and taken foreign territory by disobeying, the commands of God and even the resolutions of the United Nations.

In the area of ​​Iraq and Syria, we also see how a group of fanatical Muslims has created an army of conquest, they have convulsed not only their area of ​​influence but also all of Europe. The Islamist war is expanding, now the most powerful countries in Europe are involved with planes that drop bombs, because they already know of their danger, and, in turn, these countries receive millions of refugees. The bellicose group of Muslims that has settled between Iraq and Syria, is known as the Islamic State, (ISIS), they use the policy of “jihadist” which means to make the Holy War as it did in the times of Muhammad To achieve the conversion of people to Islam. And the supreme purpose of them is to create a caliphate that covers all the territory in conflict plus part of Europe. To understand the jihadists better we must know that they come from a son, from Abraham in his Egyptian slave. This son was called Ishmael. A problem arises when Sarah (the wife), at age 90, conceives Isaac, the disagreements arise then between Sara and the Egyptian slave for the primacy of the children, this makes Abraham prefer Isaac and expels the slave and His son Ishmael sending them to the side of the desert. God, however, blesses Ishmael and predicts that he will found peoples and kings will be born among his offspring. When Abraham dies, Ishmael attends his funeral.

Centuries after the death of Jesus, the prophet Muhammad (Mecca, 575 – Medina 632) is born who creates the Islamist doctrine whose head is Allah, equivalent to Jehovah in Christianity while Muhammad is considered the Jesus of the Arab religion, Therefore Arabs and Jews are cousins ​​and Allah and Jehovah are the same God with different name. After this, trouble has arisen between Mohammedans for their different views of their own religion, but they have only one book, the Koran (equivalent to the Christian Bible) written mostly by Muhammad in the desert.

In the conflict zone of the Middle East Syria and Russia fight against Islamists and non-jihadist rebels on the one hand and on the other side the US-led Western Coalition against the ISIS jihadist group on one stage Totally different from past conflicts such as Vietnam and Korea. This struggle in the Middle East, however, threatens to aggravate and confront the two biggest nuclear powers such as Russia and the United States.

This confrontation is already taking place to a lesser extent, starting with the mess of Ukraine in which NATO extends its arm until reaching the same border with Russia, this has revived the Cold War as it had before. The Cold War of the past ended in the early 1990s. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, but now Russia, without its satellites, is once again a military power, and that is feared by the United States and some countries bordering Russia Calling for NATO protection Does this mean we are approaching a Third World War? It seems that we are on the way to it, There is much talk that in the future will fight for the water and vital space that will need some countries, and there will be no other path of conquest through war. But there is still hope of achieving understanding between all parties and avoiding the holocaust. We must understand that we would win more with Peace than with War.


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