Topics to write an essay

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Below is an extensive list of possible topics for an essay.
The objective is to provide general ideas about various disciplines. It includes social, educational, and environmental, among others.

If you want to know more about the tests, you can read the following articles: types of tests, parts of the same, and their characteristics.



The machismo in society
Feminism today
The abortion. Arguments for and against
Euthanasia. Arguments for and against
The problem of drug addiction
Legalize or not drugs
The problem of poverty
The problem of racism
Legalization of gay marriage
The right to privacy in the globalized era
Influence of “Yankee” culture in Latin American countries

Is the Spanish language sexist?
Violence in video games
Control in the sale of arms
Is the death penalty effective?
The use of women in advertising
The problem of immigration
Consequences and ways of fighting against bullying


Strategies to encourage reading in children
Importance of education in the home
The role of the State in higher education
Reasons to ban the use of cell phones in classrooms
The role of the internet as a tool of education and knowledge


The consequences of climate change
The problem of global warming
Importance of promoting green energy
Excessive noise in cities
The use of chemicals in the fields

Art and culture

The eBook Revolution
The effect of globalization on the expansion of art


The tablet revolution
The web 2.0 era
Influence of social networks on adolescents


Fast food and its effects on health
The problem of obesity
The Benefits of Vegetarian Food


Tax havens
Minimum salary


Human cloning
The cloning of organs
Artificial Insemination

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