Topics to do an essay

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Topics to do a test of different types

Below I offer different topics for a literary, scientific, critical and argumentative essay. With these topics you will have the best ideas to develop your essays in the face of the class work you need to do. I recommend that you read the different guides that I offer in this blog to do tests of each type and how to write the different parts in which you can structure a trial.

Topics to do a literary essay

A literary essay can be of two types: the one that is realized on the basis of a literary work or the one that by its very literary style, receives that denomination. In this second case any essay could be carried out in literary mode because it is not the subject, but the form, that determines it. The examples that follow are of subjects to make a literary essay on books or authors.

1) The role of Rancho Penza as an awareness of Don Quixote in the work of Cervantes.

2) The character of Susana San Juan in “Pedro Paramour”

3) Evolution of the Role of Romantic Beauties in 20th Century Literature

4) Influences of magical realism on the new Latin American writers

5) The influence of the Mexican revolution on 20th century literature

Topics to make a scientific essay

Topics for a scientific essay should be chosen on the basis that they can be demonstrated by scientific method, for example, with surveys or studies.

1) Different sports habits among adolescents by sex.

2) Restrict speed limits: a solution to reduce traffic accidents (or not, according to the thesis to be defended)

3) Adolescents who spend more time reading are those who get better grades (or not, according to the thesis to be defended)

4) Children who are raised with pets are less prone to allergies

5) Relation between violent deaths by firearm and permissive laws with the possession of these weapons.

Topics for a critical essay

Expresses the author’s ideas on a specific topic, arguing and based on information collected, so it must have a foundation.

1) Cloning and its evolution for the future.

2) Are dangerous dogs born or made?

3) Education must begin at home, training at school.

4) The evolution of the role of women in the Catholic Church

5) Relationship between the amount of information young people receive on contraception and the number of unwanted pregnancies

Topics to make an argumentative essay

In this type of essays it is tried to convince the one who reads it or hears it of the point of view of the author, reason why the most controversial and current subjects are very suitable to carry out tests of this type.

1) Gay marriage

2) Do zoos fulfill a social role or are they something that should be eliminated?

3) MTV: Is it really a bad influence for young people?

4) The death penalty is a penalty that only applies to the lower classes?

5) Universal access to health

Other topics for an essay

These themes, according to the orientation that they want to give, can end up generating different types of essay.

1) Legalization of marijuana in Uruguay and consequences for other countries.

2) Funeral customs, a luxury or a need?

3) Credit cards: a deadly trap for many families

4) What is the appropriate age to start exercising the right to vote?

5) The economic embargo on Cuba and its meaning in the current era

6) The influence of the great fashion on the eating disorders of young people

7) Reggae ton, popular music or pro

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