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The new GED exam assesses the student’s ability to analyze, interpret, discern, and evaluate a broad range of content (science, social, general knowledge) to express in their own words such analyzes, interpretations, discretions, and assessments using Citations of the texts presented at the time of the examination.

The format of questions is included in three exams (reading, science and social studies) where the longest writing is going to be in the reading Essay which in itself is a complete essay. On the other hand, science and social studies exams will also include shorter essays.

Not knowing what topic they are going to raise, we have listed those that some students have answered in their exams, without representing the questions or texts that can touch you, these are resource articles that have to do with those subjects And as we learn more topics, we incorporate them.

Before beginning any essay consider reading the “criteria for evaluating an essay” and “steps to write an essay” at the time of writing try to always keep this information in mind.

Topic I

Hydrogenated Fats

In the year 2013 the FDA published a bulletin to prevent and educate consumers about hydrogenated fats, a topic that has been controversial especially for companies that produce foods with high fat content.

Among many other companies that have faced demands to regulate their hydrogenated fats, is Kraft who markets “Oreo” cookies. Although the company has committed to reducing that type of fats “changing the recipe, according to a company executive, would affect the taste of the product.” After reading all the links (blue letters) you have an analysis and write an essay on why it may be important to label the contents of hydrogenated fats and how this can affect the companies and products they market. – if any link stops working, notify me to update it -.

Labor Stereotypes

Stereotypes in the workplace can lend themselves to discriminatory acts, limiting the creative potential and performance of employees, however, contemporary society has standardized us with image standards that may at some point influence whether or not to obtain a job. In your essay, you analyze how physical stereotypes can affect a person’s working life and how important or unimportant is the image to meet the demands of a modern society? Use the following supporting texts.

Robots and agriculture

At present it is no longer surprising to see robots in industrial production for the assembly and manufacture of articles; Few are the companies that do not use some specialized machine that increases the production and efficiency of the employees. In this context, agriculture is not lagging behind, currently scientific and technological advances have allowed the creation of robots that with the use of sensors can carry out specific tasks when harvesting agricultural products. Some of these robots are in the process of implementation, if so, a robot could do the work of 20 people, thus saving time and production costs. Some governments have mentioned in favor of this initiative, but what effects can the total implementation of robots have on the agricultural field and would you be in favor of or against this being implemented?


In recent years the extraction of Shale gas has increased in the United States and has begun its incursion in countries like Mexico. The economic aspect is one of the great advantages that this type of hydrocarbon has since it is the cheapest natural gas that is in the region of North America. However, for the extraction of this type of gas is made use of a technique that has generated controversy among environmentalists … “the frocking”. In your essay, analyze the pros and cons of the method used for the extraction of Shale gas and base your argument on whether or not governments should resort to such a remedy. After reading the following texts, (click on the links), your essay presents data and information to support your argument.

Electric train

At present, technology allows us to optimize the needs of an increasingly globalized society where demands arise that come to be of priority such as public transport. The urbanized cities need a planning that guarantees the mobility of their citizens. Public transport is used, but when this is not enough, more efficient alternatives are sought. One of them is the electric train, but not all of them coincide with its implementation. After reading the text, it analyzes the pros and cons of using the electric train, use evidence and examples to support your argument.

Watergate and Nick son

Democracy is part of the political system of many countries where political leaders are elected by citizens. In a democracy, both citizens and rulers are subject to laws established in the constitution of each country that may be found infringed by corrupt and illegal acts. Such was the case of the unleashed scandal known as “Watergates” culminating in the resignation of President Nixon. After reading the links, write an essay in which you argue why rulers should also be subjects of the law and how corrupt acts such as illegal espionage can affect a democracy?

Discrimination and civil rights

Discrimination is an issue that has been present in many phases of the history of the United States and other countries. Throughout history there have been demonstrations and movements demanding the right to equality of gender, race, labor rights, etc. Among the most well-known movements are “civil rights” whose most active leaders were Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Park in that movement sought to eradicate the racial segregation of those who were African-American victims. Women have also been victims of discrimination, among others, that of Susan B. Anthony, who was part of the movement that demanded the right to vote for women. After reading the following links, it analyzes that they have in common the three cases presented, in what aspects discrimination is still present and how it affects social equity? In your essay it presents data and relevant information taken from the texts.

Types of energies

In the following link you will find information related to the different types of energy, after reading all the information you have a comparative analysis of the different types of energy, identify the pros and cons of each one and in your essay argues what kind of Energy is more beneficial to the environment and what steps can be taken to implement them? Presents specific data and information based on the text.

Befouls: Ethanol

Another issue is about befouls and the process by which corn-based ethanol is produced. In the next link you will learn the process of production of Ethanol, the advantages and disadvantages that comes with the development of befouls. After reading extracts it analyzes the advantages and disadvantages that befouls can bring, extracts the most relevant information and raises an argument that shows why it is important or not to make befouls.

Mother cells
The scope of scientific research has been of great importance for society and one of the many factors that have benefited is the health sector. However, in order to reach these advances, we have gone through moral and ethical conflicts in which scientific research may be limited by these principles. An area that is part of this dilemma is the study of stem cells, after reading the text, identifies the points for and against this type of research and determines whether or not it is necessary to implement them in the field of scientific research .
– In the Essay they have explained an experiment with mice where there are two groups, both caused paralysis and completely lost the mobility. Later on a controlled group injected stem cells in the spinal cord and scientists could see that these rats could drag a little while the other mice that did not achieve stem cell therapy did not improve. In the exam they ask you to analyze what benefits may bring in the future this experiment in the application of medicine.

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