Argumentative essay ideas for college students

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Good controversial essay themes have facts and details that allow the reader to be able to relate to the topic and agree or disagree. If you are writing a controversial essay, you should not contain your personal opinion, since controversial essays should be based on truth and not fiction. Controversial rehearsals are more interesting and can lead to a bigger response if you choose a topic that is current, relatable and logical.
Should gay marriage be legal?

Many people are comfortable with homosexuality and same-sex dating, but often, comfort decreases once the marriage is put on the stage. At one point in time, the issue was a major debate in court, in the White House, in the corridors of the congress and was voted in several state and national election campaigns. Today, the debate over same sex marriage continues, and the nation is still divided, while some states legalize it and others do not.
When should teenagers be allowed out?

There is great disagreement between parents and teens regarding the age at which teens should start dating. According to a study conducted by, a quarter of parents postpone allowing their children to have appointments in order to prevent them from talking about sex. Also, according to the site, 87 percent of parents believe teens should start dating after age 16, while 57 percent of teens think they should be allowed to leave before they turn 16.
Should cigarettes be considered a drug?

For years, the question of whether or not tobacco should be banned like drugs has been debated in the United States. The ban has already begun in countries like the Kingdom of Bhutan, where smoking has been banned since 2005. Here in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering banning menthol cigarettes , Because they are believed to be very attractive to young people. The start of the cigarette ban came last year when flavored cigarettes were banned.

Should sex education be allowed in schools?

For years, the controversy over sex education in middle and middle schools has been voted on and debated across school districts, and through news stations around the world. However, recently, according to a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, only 7 percent of parents do not approve the sex education that is taught in schools. The most recent controversy on this topic is about what kind of sex education should be allowed.

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