Research topics for nursing students

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The nursing profession is a profession in the field of medical care that deals primarily with the personal safety of the health and safety of individuals and families. Nursing students have the opportunity to investigate topics by grade level; This gives students the opportunity to show their range of knowledge on a particular subject. Knowing how to choose a topic and investigating it is the other part of the challenge.

Choosing a topic
Choosing a research topic to write a thesis depends on a number of factors (at least the type of degree of specialization of the nurse). The viability of the research topic will be one of the main considerations in the person’s mind. In feasibility, this means that if the person can effectively investigate enough and write about the finding in the allotted time, money considerations, especially if it is to travel, and the level of the person of interest in the subject. If these three conditions are met for research on a particular topic, it will be a good topic to choose from.

Health promotion
Health promotion is one of the topics available as a research topic for a nursing student. The study of health promotion is the study of the general aspects of the health care industry, ie the level and quality of health education, the structure of the industry and how it has been or could be improved and The efforts made prior to the promotion of health. This type of study would involve a great deal of interaction with current and former patients, as well as other employees and authority figures in the health care industry.

Bio conductive health research
another good research topic for nursing students is bio conductive health research. This involves research into the social, cultural, and biological factors that potentially have an impact on the health status of an individual or population in a given area. This type of research topic would include extensive research on any area or set of areas, preferred areas that have a history of health problems, ie a community that has a higher percentage of individual cancer or CVD.

Chronic Disease Research
The study of chronic diseases is one of the most personal research topics, since it involves the investigation of not so much the medical aspect of the chronic disease, but rather the external effect has on the individual and his relatives. Part of that study would be the traits of the person making it difficult to function as a normal member of society, while another part will focus on the effects of chronic illness on dependents and other people close to the person affected.

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