Marijuana legalization pros and cons research paper

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Marijuana: advantages and disadvantages

In recent years, some countries have begun to legalize cannabis use and others begin to see the possibility of doing so. Everyone thinks and gives their reasons why it should be legalized or why not. Here are some of the pros and cons related to marijuana.

The main active substance in marijuana is THC (Tetrahedron), this substance is the cause of most of its effects. When smoked, these effects are almost immediate, as THC passes from the lungs to the bloodstream quickly. Once there, it is distributed to the rest of the body (including the brain). Its effects have an average duration of between 1 to 3 hours, depending on each organism and the quality of the product.

The pros of marijuana
It does not create addiction or dependence: According to some consumers if a person wants to stop consuming it, it costs practically nothing because it is not an addictive drug, but like everything that gives a feeling of pleasure, produces some habituation.

It does not violate the person: Marijuana is not usually a trigger of violent behavior. It is unlikely that someone after smoking a joint engages in criminal activities as can alcohol or other drugs such as cocaine, crack, amphetamines, etc.

Less harmful to the lungs than tobacco: According to a study conducted at the University of California (USA) cannabis smokers have lungs and respiratory functions much less damaged than tobacco smokers.

Medicinal Properties: Many people use cannabis to alleviate their physical ailments. It is known that some pre-Columbian peoples of America used it as an analgesic. Specifically it is used to alleviate the suffering of diseases like sclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism, AIDS, different types of cancer, etc.

Encourage creativity: Numerous artists from different disciplines have recognized that they habitually consume marijuana and that many of their best works have created them immediately after consuming it.

For people with mental health problems: Researchers at the University of Maryland point out that marijuana acts as a calming or soothing agent in some mental disorders.

Disinherits lonely people: A University of Michigan study concluded that lonely people who were treated with cannabis became more sociable and uninhibited.

The cons of marijuana
More immediate effects: When smoking marijuana, the effects that can more quickly occur are disorientation, tachycardia, physical in coordination. Some people also suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

Respiratory diseases: In long-term marijuana users, bronchitis or inflammation of the respiratory tract is very common.

At the cerebral level: It increases the attention disorders, it modifies the functions of the memory, it can provoke psycho-motor alterations, in addition it favors the advance of psychotic disorders and depression.

In the mouth: It produces variations in the dental enamel and gums, which favors that dental and mucous lesions occur, the latter can be transformed into tumor lesions.

When consumption is interrupted: in some cases it can cause symptoms such as physical weakness, excessive sleep at any time of the day, slow movements, lack of reflexes, anxiety or depressive states.

Poor student performance: It can lead to low levels of concentration and memory loss, and therefore little learning ability.

Low Sexual and Reproductive Capacity in Men: Ordinary consumers may experience decreased levels of testosterone and libido. Cannabis also changes the structure of sperm cells, which can lead to permanent or partial sterility.

Risks in pregnancy: If consumed during pregnancy, you run the risk of giving birth prematurely and underweight in the newborn. Numerous studies also indicate that cannabis use during pregnancy can lead to birth defects, a certain risk of childhood leukemia, and psychological changes after adolescence.

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