Learn in 5 Steps How to Write an Essay

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Knowing how to write an essay is critical to academic life. It is the way in which teachers evaluate students’ knowledge of a subject and know their opinion about it. But to be successful in this task you have to know step by step how to proceed. Learn below how to write it in 5 simple steps.

1. I decided the subject
The first thing you need to know is what you are going to write about. It is the goal that will help you to know the best way to do it. By defining it, you can organize a work plan. Once you decide the issue, for example alcoholism in young people, you can coordinate interviews, find information and everything you need to have to write about the subject.

2. Respect the rules
You also have to know the rules of the game well, that is, know what the characteristics of the tests. For example starting from the basis that it is a subjective style, in which you must necessarily provide arguments that reinforce your ideas with freedom to choose its structure.

3.Sort the content
Many ideas will come to your mind which you will want to include. The important thing is that within the freedom to structure the text, keep a certain order to prevent the reader from getting lost. For example, start with the title, then I wrote a brief introduction introducing the topic.
Then explain what your thesis is, that is, what is the position you have on the idea. Are you in favor? Against? Do you think it’s something that does not work? The important thing is that you decide what your thesis will be from the beginning and you will be able to defend your position throughout the development of the essay.

4.Focus on the grounds that are the basis of your essay
Good foundations allow a large building to be built and prevent it from collapsing. That is the function that your arguments must fulfill. It is the way through which you will transmit and explain to the reader your ideas and convictions. Analyze, reason and follow a line of thought.

The conclusion should end your work leaving the reader satisfied, and having clearly understood what you wanted to explain. You may agree or the contrary, but you should take care to summarize your main ideas that you explained in the body of your work.

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