How to Write an Argumentative Essay

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An argumentative essay aims to present a point of view and convince. It is an academic writing in which the personal opinion of the writer is the most important part. This opinion must always be the product of a great reflection on a subject that will almost always be controversial. If you want to know a little more, we show you how to write an argumentative essay.

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The first thing to do is choose the theme. For this, it is essential to take a topic that allows more than one opinion, otherwise the argumentative essay would have no interest, as it would defend an obvious and widespread opinion on a topic.
After choosing the topic, we must investigate thoroughly about it. It is important to look for reliable sources to base all our arguments. Far from what we can think, the Internet will be the last of the sources. Books or databases are much more reliable in a job of this magnitude. Even if the source on the Internet is an official body, it will also have sufficient credibility.
Having previously informed us about the subject we want to deal with, we will find out whether our previous arguments were supported or unsupported. If they are, almost all the work is done, we will only have to write the essay. If they are not, surely we will have to keep searching or changing the subject for another in which our arguments are backed by professional opinions and opinions.

When writing the essay, the first thing we must do is write a strong enough introduction. A good example would be to talk about the subject in general, to locate where we think the problem or the controversy is and to quickly propose a solution. This solution will be our thesis, something really important, because the essay will revolve around it.
The body of the test should be divided according to the arguments we set out. Thus, if we are going to raise 5 arguments, we can stick to presenting 5 different paragraphs. Obviously it could be that some argument is more expensive to explain than another. No matter, we can extend without problem.

Let us try to make every argument supported by the sources we have sought. In this way, we will be contributing credibility to it.
Finally, we must write a conclusion in which we will review quickly and without stopping each of the arguments. This conclusion will help us to further evidence our opinion.
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