How to prepare a thesis

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Whatever your established goals, you also need to have limited time available.

The tighter the schedule, the better. What this does is force you to concentrate on working right away. If the time available is unlimited, the odds that you will never meet the target are very high.

Sometimes ending a chapter can be the hard part. It’s easy to end up worrying about irrelevant details, spending time on tasks that are not approaching you to finish your thesis.

The goal is always to conclude, no matter if you are working on your first draft, this is of vital importance, as you will develop the habit of completing everything you do. Fortunately, as long as you can recognize what it is that you are doing every moment, then it will be easier for you to do something about it.
Important Tip: If you spend only 20 minutes rewriting everything you need to complete to complete each task, this will give you back the focus to complete them. The small details can make you spend huge amounts of time, first the first chapter ends and then ask yourself if it is worth falling into small details that can distract you from the creative process. This happens a lot with the form of your thesis, just here to learnĀ  we want you to auto-clear all those details and have success faster in your thesis, to know more click here.

Putting this into perspective: If you review every detail will cost you $ 30 per hour invested, do you think it would still be worth distancing yourself from your true goal in the thesis?

Your time is invaluable, treat it as such.

Some tutors will give you a list of things to do with the ideas you’ve written, but they usually forget what they wrote and do not expect you to do everything exactly the same anyway.


How to elaborate a thesis, principle 6: the principle of 80/20

Whether deciding what you will do in your thesis or regarding progress in your research, always keep in mind the following principle:

Dedicate most of your effort (80%) to the small fraction of your work (20%) that matters most.

Although the ratio varies depending on the case, the rule is maintained. If you only had 10 minutes to explain to someone the most important aspects of your work, what would you choose?

Similarly, if you only have 3 months to complete an investigation, what would you do? Plans long before starting to work without a productive sense.

Success is an addictive habit, and a very useful one!

Every goal you meet will make you feel good. Create a habit of success by reaching a goal daily. The way to do it in your thesis is to set goals that you can actually achieve. Each aspect of the thesis can be broken down into small steps, so you should never write something like “complete literature review” in the to-do list.

Instead, this should be a medium-term goal with a definite date for completion, if you want to know about effective target types read this.
Subsequently, specify the points that you are going to make with a good detail. The more divisions in small parts will be better and easier to visualize in its entirety. The ideal is to make a list of tasks that do not consume you more than 2 hours to complete.

If something will take you more than 2 hours then you should split it. It is critical that you stay fully focused on the goal to achieve, however small. The more tasks you have incomplete the more stress you will feel, and the feeling of accumulated stress is very heavy and unproductive.

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